Student theses

If you are interested in starting a Bachelor's or Master's thesis:

  • Life imaging of polyphosphate formation
  • Cell biology of chromosome division in beta-proteobacteria
  • Expression and characterisation of polyphosphate kinases (PPKs) from Ralstonia eutropha


  • Mutagenesis of a gentisate dioxygenase and biochemical analysis of the mutated enzymes
    Spiral formation in nitrilases
  • Synthesis of chiral amino acids from aminonitriles using recombinant nitrilases
  • Enantioselective synthesis of chiral alpha-hydroxycarboxylic acids and alpha-hydroxycarboxamides by "bienzymatic" catalysts



This image shows Beat Christen

Beat Christen

Prof. Dr.

Head of the Institute for Microbiology

This image shows Dieter Jendrossek

Dieter Jendrossek

apl. Prof. Dr.

Andreas Stolz

apl. Prof. Dr.
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