This is an overview over all our research fields.

Our research fields

  • Transaldolases and fructose-6-phophate aldolase
  • Thiamine diphosphate-dependent enzyme MenD
  • Aromatic amino acids
  • Derivatives of the shikimic acid biosynthetic pathway
  • Work on the genetics of the central metabolism of E. coli
  • Degradation of azo dyes by anaerobic/aerobic processes
  • Degradation of sulphonated aminoaromatics by mixed bacterial cultures
  • Biochemistry and genetics of the oxidation of sulphonated and chlorinated pyrocatechins
  • Ring cleavage of monohydroxylated salicylates
  • Stereoselective saponification of nitriles and amides
  • Bacterial nitrile hydratases
  • Enantioselective hydrolysis of N-acetylnitriles by bacterial nitrilases
  • Function of polyphosphate
  • Biochemistry and molecular biology of polyphosphate-kinases
  • Formation of PHB
  • Intracellular degaradation of PHB (PHB-mobilisation)
  • Extracellular degradation of  PHB
  • PHB depolymerases as biocatalysts
  • Metabolism of citronellol and other methyl-branched compounds
  • Biochemistry und molecular biology of microbial degradation of Natural Rubber (Polyisopren)


This image shows Beat Christen

Beat Christen

Prof. Dr.

Head of the Institute for Microbiology

This image shows Dieter Jendrossek

Dieter Jendrossek

apl. Prof. Dr.

Andreas Stolz

apl. Prof. Dr.
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